Pinkette Returns

Dear N,
Your pictures brought T and I back to the good ol' LPL. We remember the Cherryhill library fondly. And what a sweet little thing B is. Funny too.

After being Kitchen Aid-less for about three weeks, she finally returns, rehabilitated, with a few knicks but otherwise healthy and whirrrrrring like her usual self. Of course Pinkette (as she has been aptly named) wanted to be put to work again right away so a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting was made to celebrate her homecoming. Welcome back!
And it's corn season here in the midwest, as I'm sure it is in your neck of the woods. I remember going down to Farmer Jacks and that other market down the road for fresh produce. That was some of the best corn on the cob I've ever had. T and I picked up a few cobs at our local fresh market and found a recipe for these yummy corn fritters here. Nestled on a bed of spinach and you got yourself a delicious weeknight dinner. Wish you were around to share in the corny goodness. I'll show you what I've got on the needles tomorrow. Good night N.