Pralines and Moose Tracks

The fugly wrap is finished, and I don't hate it anymore. I really can't since it matches my living room quite nicely. It is now my sofa mini-throw.
And I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes - see Reddy and Reid? There wasn't a single hold at the library for me! I did a double take and started digging in my tote for the camera. (Note it was in the tote to take pictures of B's first gymnastics class, and this is what I ended up capturing. Not one single jumping or swinging pic.)
I did, however, catch the kid eating a granola bar in the hold aisle. Didn't she see the 'no food or drink' sign? Where is this kid's parents?
Back to the Noro capelet. This time without a moebius twist!