The Queen Bee Celebrates 5 Years

With strained patience, she waited to open her gifts. A new dress was reluctantly put on, and two pairs of matching pants were declared 'ugly'. She ripped open a new Littlest Pet Shop play centre and proceeded to play her little heart out while mum laid down on the floor and clicked away on the camera.

Birthday cupcakes were ordered, and Poor Cinder-Elly was put to work.

The wicked sister asked her to pose, and Poor Cinder-Elly was so glum.

And then the clock struck noon, and Poor Cinder-Elly turned into Princess Cinderella.

Happy Birthday, B! You're five, and now you can reach the freezer handle on the refrigerator. That must have happened overnight. You can now draw pumpkins, and your only French word is "Bonjour", but you say it with gusto. You're absolutely brilliant!

Love Mum