Row 97 of the Apple Orchard

The MacIntosh apples were ripe for the picking today, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.The girls ate and picked at the same time. I left the picking to them, and I took loads of pictures. There were hundreds of rows of apple trees, and the trees were full of apples. It was beautiful. No apple from the grocery store can compare with one plucked out of a tree. They were delicious. I could have sat there in the sun and ate apples all afternoon. We are so lucky to have so many orchards within a short drive. Mmmm.

The colours of these apples would make a beautiful colourway for a pair of socks, wouldn't they?And that concludes another much-needed weekend. Cheers!



Unknown said...

I love apples fresh from the tree, it's one of my favourite childhood memories. The taste is entirely different than apples from the store.