Cooking Tomorrow's Meal

If any of you enjoy a hearty tomato soup, then I have one that I have jumbled together from my favourite soup recipes. Tonight, I started with simmering a pile of diced celery and onions in olive oil and a couple cloves of crushed garlic and a spoonful of dried basil.
Add a can of tomatoes - this one happened to be crushed tomatoes - and a can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed. Grind some black pepper to taste. At the same time, I add six cups of vegetable stock, and then I bring it to all to a boil and simmer it for half an hour on low heat. This batch is going in to the fridge to stew until tomorrow night when I require a quick dinner. I will also have loads left for lunches the next day. MMMMmmm.
I mustn't forget dessert, and the apples are piling high in the kitchen and beginning to get a bit soft, so no one is touching them. Perfect for apple crisp. I used this recipe.

I love the smell of a crisp baking in the oven. It should be done in about five minutes, and then I am on bedtime story duty. I don't dare say 'duty' out loud or I will find myself in the midst of three sillyheads doubling over with laughter while gasping "I did a Darth Doody." Yes. Sometimes it's best to keep quiet.



Katherine said...

That link is too funny. But that looks delicious. I must try the apple crisp - it looks like something the kids would love to help make and perhaps even eat (although I won't get my hopes up).

knitty_kat said...

i'm hungry. will u feed me Auntie N? ;)

Unknown said...

WOW! Thank you so much for featuring my recipe for apple crisp - I am honored! I must comment on how admirable your photos are for the recipe: I think I should fire my photographer! (me)
I have posted a new version of the recipe if anyone is interested, Home Style Apple Crisp, with extra filling and topping.
Love your site!