Stand Away From the Shoes

It's time for the littlest to learn how to tie her shoes because this little pair of Chuck Taylors demands it. I have absolutely no recollection of teaching the oldest, but I must have because she is most competent in tying her laces. This is one of the disadvantages of having children nearly seven years apart. Seven years is more than enough time to forget everything. Honestly, I didn't think I would be doing it again. And so soon! :)

Wish me luck! This little gal is a strong-willed one, and I expect to do battle. I also expect to lose.



Montreal Mama said...

Those are pretty awesome shoes!

Good luck with the shoe tying teaching. Are you teaching bunny ears? I can't remember how the song goes, but I'm sure in just a few years I'll be teaching the same thing!

Katherine said...

I love those shoes! I need to look up the bunny ears song; Liam has been working on this, but velcro keeps him from having to practice too much.