A Whole Lotta B and L at the KW

I got a tad carried away at the Briggs & Little booth at the KW Knitters Fair. Within ten minutes of arriving at Bingemans, I had paid for 12 skeins of seafoam Heritage destined to become a Cobblestone for J. That might not seem like much, but I haphazardly grabbed 10 random skeins in a variety of colours and weights from the $1.50 bin, and I basically called it a day. I really had no choice as I couldn't hold much more or move around in booths with more than 4500 yards of wool hanging from my arms. I think I have my Christmas knitting of hats, mitts and scarves laid out ahead of me.

I still had about six hours ahead of me to browse all the booths, so I spread out and managed to find a few more bargains. Thanks to a tip from one of my most pleasant passengers, I was able to scoop up two skeins of Sweet Sheep superwash merino sock yarn in psychedelic colourways for a steal in the boo-boo bin. They're absolutely perfect for two crazy girls under my roof.

And because no knitters fair is complete without a purchase at The Black Lamb, I present to you a single skein of City Silk - a blend of silk and merino wool. I really wanted to buy it in a brilliant green, but I needed to choose a colour my mum would love because I would really like to knit her a lace ribbon scarf. It's still a bit too soon to knit it again, but when I am ready, the stash under my bed will be prepared. The grey-ish green is starting to grow on me. I can already picture it wrapped around her neck with her winter jacket. Must resist the temptation to cast on immediately. Oh dear.
Did everyone see the fall Knitty? I've been noticing vests around me over the last several weeks, and then the fall Knitty pops up, and my suspicions are confirmed. I must make vests. Lots of them. I haven't found a pattern yet for the vest I want to make the littlest, so I might wing it. It's like an armless sweater, a bit bulky, with unsymmetrical cables and maybe a high collar. Is that weird? Maybe I am not describing it right. Hmm. For J, I want to knit a sexy, lightweight stockinette v-neck vest. I saw this on an unappealing old man last week, and I wanted to rip that vest right off him. I figured this was a good sign - I mean, that I imagined it would look equally good on J. For El, the vest must be long and modern and simple - a tunic?
I think this calls for a Vest-a-thon! I think I have a participant already hooked. Fair warning, I am a horrid competitor. If I don't let these potential projects languish, I will be rubbing it in your faces at what a fantabulous knitter I am. Just saying.
Carry on!


Katherine said...

Up with vests! Just let me know when - I'm ready to cast on! You got some beautiful yarn! And hurrah for B&L! I got four skeins of Durasport when I was on PEI and I should have gotten much much more.

The big about the unappealing old man in a sexy vest cracks me up.

knitty_kat said...

hhmm, vests sound good to me too. You totally scored at KW!