Bazaar-o World

I finally made it to the annual Hutton House Bazaar, and I will definitely add this event to my must-go-to list every year! I made off with a giant bag of ceramics and jars of homemade jelly. I am plan on sticking to buying handmade this holiday. I did pretty good last year, but I am decidedly stepping it up a notch. Currently I am busy knitting mittens like no one's business, and I have the girls' Christmas lists already, and I have big plans!! Big plans, I say.

Have you ever seen such a pretty leaf? I picked it up downtown last week from a gingko tree - it was truly beauty amongst the dirty debris that litters the sidewalks.

Speaking of litter - like my new waste basket or my new umbrella stand? I think it's too pretty for garbage - it's probably better suited to the foyer filled with wintry accessories for now. It's making me smile right now.

And speaking of the holidays, I dug up this little doe for my mantle. The ladies at the antique store are treating me like a regular now. While there this weekend, one of them followed me and offered to empty my hands every half hour - I practically have my own hold shelf now. It's probably a good thing they're closing at year end because I am running out of space to store all these trinkets. Someone stop me. Please.
My goal this week is to make Potato Leek soup. I have potatoes, and I have leeks. Bon appetit! More importantly, I am crossing my fingers that my little family enjoys eating it. I have a feeling it's going to be a giant batch.

Night, night.


LaurieM said...

The red pail with its white flowers is rather Christmassy in an understated way. It made me smile too.

Leek and potato soup is an old favourite around here. Hubby requests it as often as he can.

Katherine said...

I love your finds and I love the idea of a handmade Christmas! I'm going to have more hand-made gifts than not, but maybe next year I could go 100%. It's my brother and my husband who are trouble - they both want (large!) sweaters.

Mmmmm....leek potato soup. I love leeks in any form. I'm thinking of making some mushroom soup today. : )

knitty_kat said...

I can absolutely state that the soup was damn good. Must have been fate that I drop your book off that night!


Montreal Mama said...

I wonder if I've ever tried leeks. How was the soup?

The fair sounds nice. I wish we hadm ore of those around here.