Forging Ahead on Holiday Knitting

Mittens! I returned to my mitten roots. This is the Warmest Mittens pattern from Knitting Pretty. It makes a very fitted mitten which I believe will keep hands the warmest. I used two different worsted superwash wools, and I am very happy at how well they feel. I'll post the details on Ravelry to avoid boring the non-knitters. :) I did modify the pattern a little bit, and I mastered the magic loop! I can cross that off my goals!

Seeing all those hats that T made, makes me want to whip up some hats too, and I've been doing a little charity knitting myself. I've been working on some little baby stuff for a very young mom who is scheduled to give birth to her first baby - a boy - next week. The doctors already know that the baby will have special needs, and I believe his first operation is scheduled shortly after. This mom is going to need all the help and warm thoughts and prayers she can get. When I heard her story, I immediately decided to finish my cotton baby kimono, and I knit up a little wool-blend hat as well. I am currently working on some baby slippers.

You were right, T. That kimono was easy!

Back to my making,



Katherine said...

Oh, that's wonderful. Your baby things are beautiful and the mom and baby will feel the love!

Great mittens! I love mittens. I'm knitting a pair for O right now but I think I need to go down a needle size and begin again. We had snow yesterday and her old mittens were soaked through in no time.

OzB said...

Good job N. Those mittens look great as do the items for the new baby. You're such a sweetie for taking the time to charity knit :-)

Montreal Mama said...

Awww, the baby kimono is super cute.