It's Catching!!

The littlest crafted ALL on her own. I brought home a craft book from work about a week ago, and I just left it on the hutch and promptly forgot all about it. The kid picked it up, asked for a paper bag (we only had lunch-sized), and she found the oil pastels and her little scissors. Following the pictures in the book, she made a ladybug costume for Flower (that's her bear's name). I feel a little 'not needed', but at the same time, absolutely thrilled. She got that 'craftiness' from ME!!! Woo-hoo!

Oh, and after several struggles about playing with water on the dining room table, she coloured a paper plate blue and drew in a fish, and now the Polly Pockets and all the Littlest Pets can go swimming without getting wet. Ingenius!!
She may not be a smartie-pants at school, but in creativity, she's all A's.


Katherine said...

She's so talented! (There must be a gene or something). Flower looks great. And I love the little goldfish.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

That is so sweet. My daughter too isn't the quickest to learn in school but she is so creative and imaginative. She's older but started making a doll all on her own and I must admit, it is really cute. And she's begging me to post about it.

knitty_kat said...

it's not that she's not bright. . she just thinks in a different way. She's very creative and really that's far more important than anything else.

Clearly she can follow direction just fine ;)

Montreal Mama said...

That's super cute what she made for her bear! Very crafty indeed!