Give Thanks

Today is American Thanksgiving and the pie is baked, the football game is on, and the chicken is brining. Since it's only Mr. T and I this year we're going for a mini sized but traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I've just got potatoes to do and the dressing, which Mr. T's mum so thoughtfully emailed the recipe for.We have much to be thankful for this year. For one, the wedding of our dreams with all of our family and friends present. It was what we had wanted and a million times more. We are thankful for our families, which get bigger and bigger each year. We love you all. We are thankful for our health as there were no major health issues this year. We are thankful for our jobs because in these times of uncertainty, a job, albeit frustrating at times, is better than no job. Sometimes Mr. T and I reflect on how generously we've been blessed and it's hard to comprehend how and why we are so lucky. But then we remember not to question and to just enjoy and be grateful everyday.


~RaenWa~ said...

I am glad that you & Mr. T had a Happy Thanksgiving