Craft Dinner

It’s been a thrilling week for us Balkan Style bloggers! We’ve never had so many sweet comments. It’s been fun reading your blogaversary wishes and meeting many of you through your blogs. Personally, my bloglines subscription just got longer. Oh dear. And we submitted our Newfie Mitten pattern to the Knitting Pattern Central website, and we’ve had a tonne of visitors. Welcome! Please stay and hang out a while longer. We promise to entertain. Really. I’ll make up stuff if I have to.

Where should I start? Oh yis – the chowdah.

I’ve been on a potato corn chowder kick lately, and thankfully my little family minus the littlest has come along for the ride quite willingly. There’s no cooking fancy for the littlest – she’s an Easy Mac kind of girl. I am certain that one day, she will expand her food preferences, but it will have to go down in history that for her sixth year, she subsisted purely on cheesy noodles zapped in the microwave. But for the rest of us that need a little variety, I have been testing out new dishes, and my favourite is by far is this potato corn chowder. Done in under half an hour and paired up with a crusty whole wheat loaf, our appetites are satisfied. I recommend adding some chopped celery in with the onions.

I’ve also recently been blessed with a throat infection for which there is no cause for concern. I managed to be one step ahead of it getting nasty by heel and toeing it to the walk-in clinic yesterday and sweet-talking the physician to prescribe me ten-days worth of amoxicillin. With three doses a day, I’ll barely feel a thing. In fact, I feel pretty well for being infectious. I managed to knit a few more pattern repeats on a second monkey sock and a couple more inches on a second cobblestone sleeve. I also baked a super moist chocolatey mocha snacking cake ‘cause I have found food being shovelled down my throat quite soothing. Guacamole too. In between knitting and eating, I swept and washed the floors. Not bad for a sick day.

And in amongst my holds from the library, I snagged an illustrated copy of Anne of Green Gables in the hopes that a second attempt might entice B to listen more if there were a few pictures on which to focus. The verdict? She was sawing logs by the second page. I kept reading. Tonight, we’ll tackle Chapter Two: Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised. Again. Maybe a better plan would be to just place a hold on the movie.



Debbie said...

Nice! I might have to add the Newfie Mittens to my queue...doh! it's getting to big to handle! :-)

knitty_kat said...

Eeek! Well at least you got drugs. . and sounds like it was good day off.

BTW, made it to IKEA. Still haven't had any cake though.

Lupie said...

So cool to see you pattern on knitting pattern central!
I must make the potato corn chowder it looks so good.