Love is a Battlefield

My parents had best friends that threw a load of themed parties in the 80's. It was always fun to watch our very serious parents dress up for these soirées. One year, everyone had to go dressed up as a famous musician. My mum dressed up as Pat Benatar and my dad went as Elton John; however, I personally think he could have pulled off a good Phil Collins, but maybe my dad wanted to be a little flashy. Much later us, kids, poured through the photos from that party trying to guess whose parent was who. One of the other moms was very convincing as Michael Jackson with her one glittery glove! I was watching the video of Love is a Battlefield last night, and it brought all those memories back. It was so funny, but sad because I always thought I'd make a super cool funky mum, and I seem pretty fuddy-duddy all of a sudden. Pat Benatar definitely takes the cake. I can't get that song out of my head!!!

With the weekend approaching again, I am excited to see our ol' friend Flat Stanley come home. Flat Stanley lives in B's desk at school during the week, and on Fridays, he comes home in her knapsack, and B must record all of his adventures from Saturday and Sunday into a journal. A lot of Flat Stanley's weekends are spent lost under a bed or under a heap of books - he's not only flat, he's sly. Miraculously we are always able to find him after much panic by bedtime on Sunday. Last weekend, B decided that Flat Stanley needed some friends, so he wouldn't be lonely on his sleepovers at school. Then he and his new friends - Dip and Rosella - needed pyjamas and sweaters. I LOVED making my own paper dolls and clothes when I was younger. I could have made paper clothes all weekend. Aren't these little guys spiffy?
I think my absolute favourite garment is the space-y pyjamas in blue and orange.

That's got to make me a little funky.



Katherine said...

No wonder you are so much fun (it comes right through the screen) - how fantastic are your parents?

I love the flat people! My favorite is the chubby little hand and fingers (all six of them!).

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's neat that your kids did the Flat Stanley thing - that's kinda fun!

I love Pat Benatar!