She Smiled

Today I fulfilled El's Christmas 'coupon' for a trip to the hair salon and lunch after to show off her hair. I truly believe that a new haircut needs to be paraded. This chick rocks this hair. This hair makes my brooding angst-ridden pre-teen smile. I couldn't take enough pictures of the hair and the smile. It's catching. I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch, and my heart skipped a little when she responded anywhere, but fast food. That's my girl. Poor B groaned a low groan of sorts from the backseat, but nothing a little more volume on the radio couldn't drown out. Just kidding. I would never raise the volume to drown out my children. Well, not on a regular basis. So we found a little bistro and the three of us had a fashionably late lunch, and then we hit the library to pick up our trunkload of holds. I love chilling with my girls.
B's teacher has assigned a recycling project due later this month, and before I had time to read the project details, B had rooted through the garbage and made some crayon and marker holders out of an old pizza box from Wednesday's dinner. Apparently this isn't all she has up her sleeves - the kid wants me to hand over all the trash. Secretly I want her to wow her class with hand-stitched bags out of sweaters and pillows out of old t-shirts, but she is going through a phase where any direction from me results in "I want to do it all by myself!" And dang it, I've already passed grade one. What a bummer.
I must head to bed. I gulped down a crantini at the neighbour's house, and sadly, I am feeling a bit woozy and sleepy. Cheers!



Hall in the Kitchen said...

El looks beautiful! She has grown into such a lady! Looks just like you!

Lupie said...

El's hair is almost as beautiful as her face.
I love time with my daugters as well but mind are a little older. 25 and 28 but still my babies!

knitty_kat said...

That's El? Yer kidding right? Who knew she could smile (tell she looks great for me).

Dude, I miss chillin' with you gals. Were gonna have to plan a knit night soon.

HUGS to all!

Katherine said...

What a beautiful girl.

Your girl time sounds so fun. : )

Kittenears said...

hoorah! girls who love to read, totally my style.

I adore my baby sister because she's a book fiend, just like me. I swear the local librarian rolls her eyes when she sees me.

c.Rachel said...

Your daughter has great style...the cut is lovely!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

The recycling project is très cool. Can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.

Love El's haircut. She totally rocks it!