This full-time working gig unimaginably cuts into picture-taking and crafting. By the time homework is completed, dinner is made and devoured, kitchen is cleaned, and the day's events shared and discussed to death, there isn't any light to take a good picture, and I'm lucky to have knit a few rows, so please forgive the sparse blogging.
I am equally thrilled when the weekend comes along, and I can bask in the sunshine and knit to heart's content. Pictures are taken! My work-week 'mood' lifts! And outings are anticipated with my most favourite to the library! I'm repeating myself here, right? And Saturday is my definite library day meaning I definitely go to the library regardless of all other plans. The library is top priority on my Saturdays. I pop in during the week as time allows, but Saturday is no-arguments, we're going. Sometimes the girls win their battle to stay home. The littlest is usually an eager come-alonger, but El prefers to have me bring books to her. I'm a good book picker-outer. She would never come right out and say it, but she stays up 'til all hours of the night devouring my book choices. I haz skillz. Today I look forward to see what's awaiting on my holds shelf. I know there's knitting DVDs and Spanish-subtitled movies. Woo-hoo!
As for knitting projects on the go-go, I've got lots on the needles. I have a body and two sleeves ready for a yoke (J's Cobblestone), one and a half Monkey socks (did I say that last week?), a Woodland shawl begging and sobbing to be cast off, and a NEW weaver's shawl knit with Noro Aurora. And despite all of this, it is taking all my willpower to not cast on a new pair of mittens. See this turquoise Briggs & Little yarn cake? It's determined to win the battle.You can see my problem, right?



OzB said...

It's only taken me 13 years (eeek!) but yesterday I FINALLY joined the Ilderton Library! And I'm now a Saturday library goer toooooooo!

I've got lots of wips and yarn calling me too. What to do???!!

Katherine said...

Oooo! Mittens, I say! Mittens! I want to knit those soon too - I'm having a mitten-fest. Actually I have that yarn in cream, waiting next to some kool-aid for an experiment. I must look for those Neatby DVDs - did you like them?

Lupie said...

You have a lot on your plate.
I love the Weaver's shawl. I have seen that many are making it and I may have to jump into the pool.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I hear you with the "by the time all is done at home, the day is done and there is no light left to photograph".. and I have no idea where time goes. On days that I work, pick up the kids, make dinner, feed them dinner, bath, stories, bed... I sit on the couch and I'm pooped and it's almost time for me to go to bed!

I think we need more hours in the day!

I'm sitting down and I'm catching up on your blog. I don't know how I got so far behind..? (Well, I know, having 2 young kids). I'm going to catch up & stay caught up - promise!