Family Fun Festival

I think the little family had fun last weekend at our annual fundraiser for work. There were clowns, cupcakes, an ice cream bar, magicians, the Tomato Soup Band (one of those oompah bands that play in your head), balloon animals, pancakes & bacon buffet, Starbucks hot chocolate, and a little folks auction table. I didn't really see the three of them much. Most of the time, they're in cahoots. It's how they roll. I prefer to watch the shenanigans from the sidelines.

It's super fugly dad-man. I particularly admire the collaborative effort on his wardrobe.
These three jokers are tight, and if I didn't know better, I would say they were laughing at me 24-7. I almost sat down with them during the brunch portion, but they pointed at the sign on the table that noted it was reserved for Smurfs and Darth Vader. Seriously?
Here's to another 'hilarious' weekend.


Montreal Mama said...

I love hilarious weekends! Glad you have them too!