Forever 24

Look what showed up on my birthday!
Does this look familiar, N? I had to laugh at the how mangled the packaging looked after the items were inspected, taped back up into the envelope, and then the big, green sticker slapped on. But what's important was what was inside--lovely angora silk yarn, handmade greeting cards, and a divine shawl that will surely keep me toasty when the temperature plunges back down to seasonal. Thank you, N! You sure know how to make a knitter feel special on her birthday. And yes, I do remember that cake I made for you. Was that your 30th? Speaking of cakes, I got this one yesterday from my brilliant husband.I'm not a big celebrator of birthdays, never was, however this one was really great and everyone made me feel so special and so loved with their well wishes, thoughtful cards, and gifts. I didn't even feel one ounce of regret leaving my 20's behind because I am lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. Much love to everyone.

And to top off an already fabulous birthday/Valentines Day long weekend, I am heading to the Mall of America tomorrow to attend the Craft Council of America's Knit Out & Crochet event. I attended it a couple of years ago and came home with loads of free stuff from vendors like Lion Brand, Bernat and Clover. I'm psyched! If you're in the Minnesota area, the event runs this weekend and is worth checking out for all the free stuff.


knitty_kat said...

I bet they opened that up and said WTF?

Happy 24th - what a brilliant hubby you have.

c.Rachel said...

Happy 24th! =)

Montreal Mama said...

Happy Birthday (very belated) to T!

Wow.. opened and checked. It's rare that mail comes checked anymore!