Happy Birthday Dear

I wanted so badly to up my efforts from last year’s birthday post. Especially since it’s the big 3-0! In my mind, you will forever be 26. That’s so young! I do hope you get your gift soon. However, I remember now that the Purolator lady on the phone specifically said to mark my package a ‘gift’, and in order to hasten the whole exchange with the Purolator pick-up guy who kept tapping his foot and huffing and puffing, I totally forgot. Maybe it’s stuck at the border? I have no idea how come you don’t have it yet. I think you’ll like it. ‘It’ being your gift. I hope it makes up for no fancy post. There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. T will make your day very special, so I feel I can safely slack off.

Remember this cake you made for me? Do you think this was my cake for turning 30? Maybe it was 31. It was SO long ago! I was just glad it wasn't the kitty litter cake. I found the poop scooper in my linen closet a couple weeks ago. It made me giggle.

I miss you, my friend. Cheers!



Katherine said...

Happy birthday! And what a cake (again with the fancy cakes - oh the talent)!

Montreal Mama said...

Happy birthday (very belated).

What a KICK ass cake! Wow!