Bananas for bananas

As a child my dad used to make us all kinds of treats and snacks. He really liked making popsicles for some reason and would invent lots of whacky flavours (red bean and coconut anyone?). We always thought that they were really tasty and my sisters and I would spend the summers running the plastic popsicle molds under warm tap water to free them and see what he had made for us. One of my favourites to eat were frozen banana pops. My dad would cut a banana in half, stick a wooden popsicle stick into one end and flatten the banana with a heavy cutting board. This made the bananas flatter and easier to eat when they hardened after freezing. I make these now for myself and enjoy a drizzle of chocolate on them (hooray for Magic Shell!) and if I'm feeling really fancy I'll dip them in nuts or pretty coloured jimmies. But frozen bananas will always remind me of my childhood and of my dad's crazy frozen treats.

Photo above from the Heart and Stroke Foundation with a recipe for chocolate covered frozen bananas.