The Visitor

We have someone staying with us for about a week.
He's quiet, stays where you tell him to, will not touch anything unless told that he can and loves a good belly rub. I'll miss him when he goes back to our neighbours, who are on vacation but I must admit, pets are a lot of work, even this guy who's pretty laid back and probably the most well behaved little dog I've ever met. Mr. T and I feel like we have a small child around who is self sufficient most of the time but still follows you around the house, smells slightly and whines if he can't sleep in your bedroom. But who can resist this sweet face?


Unknown said...

Our baby cries when Mark goes out (until the truck is out of hearing range) & then I'm the queen of her world - until he comes home.

knitty_kat said...

Yea for puppies!!! I hope it's an uneventful visit!