Short Stop

I finally found a handknit that the littlest will actually wear. I mean ALL THE TIME. And the funny thing is, I don't absolutely love it. It's just a mindless garter stitch triangle in which I started out with three stitches and increased one stitch at the end of every row until it was wide enough to fit around her head, and it's cotton, so it's super stretchy. She loves that its really comfortable and soft around her ears. AND she doesn't have to wear barrettes. I swear this kid packs her knapsack full of barrettes and buries them at the schoolyard, so I will NEVER find them. I need to look up a place that sells them wholesale.

The silly goose stole my sunglasses.

After the baseball game, the kids got to go down on the field and run around the bases while we waited for the fireworks. I had forgotten how much I loved baseball games. My sister and I practically grew up on baseball fields. My dad played on several teams over the years and sometimes simultaneously. My mum was the most excellent scorekeeper, and there was no question that she would tally up the runs at every single game. I swear we were at a baseball field AT LEAST every other night. That's a lot of scorekeeping. My sister and I also played little league every year to my embarassment. I am not a good runner, a good hitter, a good thrower, nor a good catcher. I would be positioned in the far outfield every game, and I would hope and pray something fierce that the ball wouldn't be hit in my direction. My lack of skill was not from lack of practicing 'cause we were always throwing the ball around in the yard and at the park. Thank goodness I never played in a competitive league. They would have thrown me out on my butt. However, I am a great rooter of home teams, and I can cheer with the best of them. And with that I'm declaring this our new Canada Day tradition - baseball games and fireworks!


Salihan said...

The story of your daughter makes me giggle. :) She looks silly but cool at the same time with the oversized glasses and handknit kerchief. Hehe...

Montreal Mama said...

She's so cute in your glasses. She should steal them more often!