On Patriotism

It's always a strange feeling every July 4th when nearly everyone in the city retreats to their cottages. I remember this happening last year when we decided to go to Chicago. The streets were eerily empty and that's what it's like in Minneapolis today. Mr. T and I are staying home this year since we recently returned from our honeymoon. It's been a really nice day and we've just settled into our sun room with the windows wide open and his and hers laptops. It's only 7:30 and I can already hear a few fireworks going off.

Our neighbours have a very sweet little girl who turns two today. They asked me to make her a birthday cake with red, white and blue flowers. It always surprises me just how patriotic Americans are. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just think that as Canadians we aren't used to seeing the flag on everything from front yards to t-shirts to tattoos. Canadians are definitely not unpatriotic, just much more laid back and not as serious about it. Anyway, I made the cake with red,white and blue flowers and added fondant figurines of the little girl and her dog.She's always trying to hug the dog and the poor dog, who is about thirteen years old, is always trying to get away from her grasp. At least they're getting along on top of the birthday cake!


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Hurray!! It would have been funnier if she was actually strangling Pongo.

You are a crazy manipulator of fondant. And the white shell edging is IMPECCABLE. Kudos, my friend.

Salihan said...

Wow! What a gorgeous cake you've baked! You really have some talent! I especially love the dog and I can imagine the fondant dog trying to run away from the fondant girl. Hehe... -me@salihan.com

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

That cake is AMAZING! You have amazing talent! I wanna be just like you when I grow up.

knitty_kat said...

Your cakes always make me drool. This is awesome!!