The Resurrection of the Presto Chango

Sheesh! I just spent twenty years looking for when I first finished the knitting the Presto Chango, and to my shock, it's been exactly a year. Well, I knew it was a long time ago, but an entire year??? So a baby boy was born a few weeks ago, and in my scramble for a gift, I pulled out the ol' Presto, and it just needed some buttons. Let's just say it was an entire night ordeal. Frick! I nearly pulled an all-nighter to get this thing finished. Rather than go out and get eight buttons, I found four alike of two colours, and pushed on. There was lots of placing and measuring and pinning and threading and sewing, and I still was not satisfied. The whole idea of this baby cardy is that there are interchangeable fronts, and I still had two balls of Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton, so I made up a seed-stitch panel using the same stitch count as the masculine lacy panel, and it knit up in no time and fit like a charm. It was super nice to get something out of the languishing not-quite-finished project pile. This pile also includes a Cobblestone Sweater badly in need of a short row yoke and a Hemlock Ring Blanket requiring a very sturdy block.
Rather than do that, I think I'll watch Weird Science.


knitty_kat said...

ha ha! Ya. . I thought you'd say that. BTW, I think there maybe a Goonies video at the bottom of a box in someone's garage still LOL

Montreal Mama said...

What a great little gift! So cute!