Sweet Anticipation

I can't believe how quickly summer is approaching. Teachers' gifts need to be made. Child care arrangements for the Bee need confirming. The weekends are being booked to the gills with family reunions and barbeques. Bags will need to be packed for a vacation week in July. Must ride the bike more while the weather is nice. Flowers need watering. Lots to do, lots to do. I'm excited. I'm also waiting patiently for T to return from Europe. It's been YEARS!!! My inbox can't take much more. I could always cast on for these while I wait.


c.Rachel said...

I know...my head is spinning. It's JUNE!

I'm quite taken with that second picture. Lovely.

Sarah-Mae said...

I am so glad it's June!!! June means farmer's markets on the weekend and nights on the patio after work. So excited!

Montreal Mama said...

yey for summer!

I can't believe it's June either. that means Mack's 1 soon. Not ready yet! Can I turn back time?

knitty_kat said...

what happened to May?