I bought this little print for the Bee's bedroom, and when she outgrows Alice in Wonderland, I shall hang it up in my craft nook. There is a local young girl who sells her mixed media masterpieces each year at community gathering in a park, and I never fail to pick up a piece in the hopes that one day, she will be famous. Plus they're really pretty and dreamy. I have one in the bathroom that depicts a Cinderella-ish girl teaching birds to sew, and the birds are flying about a dress form with thread in their beaks. It's so sweet. I wish the artist had a website, but I do have her business card floating about, so if anyone is interested, let me know in the comments with a way to contact you ('cause blogger is a bugger, and doesn't leave me email addresses to respond). Her prices are super reasonable - it practically feels like stealing.
And then because the peony bushes are in full bloom here, I brought some inside for the mantle, but first I had to clear off the orange ribbons and big orange print and all the pinecones. I must find a better way to display them. Maybe a wide flan/tart dish/plate???

In other news around here, the eldest kissed a boy at the swimming pool this week. When the Bee found out, she squealed, "EW!!! She kissed a BOY????" I'm just trying to get my head wrapped around this one. I think I'll just let her enjoy the moment a bit longer. She's a writer, so maybe she can use this experience in a story or something. A first kiss is big. Gosh, I can't really remember mine. I think I am going to consult the big Amish culture reference book I brought home from the library. One can keep dreaming the dream. You know, the dream where I bake fresh bread every day and knit all of our clothes and clean the house and keep everything sparse while living off the land? And the newly minted teens are too wiped out from weeding the garden and sweeping the floors to be smooching each other? Nah, I'd miss the laptop too much.
I'm beat.



Unknown said...

Original Kids is doing a pay what you can production of Alice this August in the Central Library garden. Love the picture.

Kissed a boy? they aren't gross anymore?

Sarah-Mae said...

Oh my, and here I was thinking I was one of the only one still thinking that dream is possible!!!

c.Rachel said...

I've been quite slow reading/commenting these days.
My oldest just graduated from kindergarten. I can't handle it. =)

Montreal Mama said...

Yey for first kisses!

Unknown said...

Hey there,
I bought a piece of Cara's like six years ago and LOVE it. Been trying to hunt down her online presence, and you're one of the only posts. Any chance you still have her contact info?