My Sock Mojo is Alive and Kicking It

The weekend is drawing to a close all too soon once again. Homework is being finished and packed back up in the knapsacks for Monday morning, and waking up early and getting dressed is already being dreaded.

Oh, Flat Stanley, how we will miss you when school ends. I suppose we could try and continue our Sunday evening tradition of writing two or three sentences and drawing a picture of you doing really rad things with the Bee, but I think it's a bit far-fetched to imagine. The Bee is very adamant about doing tasks that do not 'NEED' to be done.
I had to include this picture of Tig Tig absolutely still. She absolutely never ever, ever never sits still for the camera. This sleeping is fake too, 'cause she looked at me before I clicked, and it was a look of futile resistance. I've won - in a sense that it's not a blurry image of the cat leaping away from me.

As for the title of this post, I will allow this picture to say it all.

My sock knitting mojo has returned. Want to know what did it?? An email this week from Classic Elite. I signed up for the weekly newsletter last year, and they showcase free patterns frequently. This here's Cookie A's Summer Sox pattern. You can't say just pass over a free Cookie A sock pattern. That's just ridiculous. So I searched high and low through the stash for a solid/semi-solid soft sock yarn, and nothing I had made the cut. Sure I had lots of variegated sock yarn, and all the solid stuff was Briggs & Little scratchy sock yarn that would be better for a thick cable-y winter sock. I cast on with a bright florescent superwash merino sock yarn, and a few inches into the knitting, my heart sank. It was ripped back, and I went shopping.

I scored some pretty pale grey Regia Silk, and it's perfect! I'll be hitting that heel any minute now.
Happy Sunday!


knitty_kat said...

did you notice the photographic evidence of our, coughcough, visit to the yarn of worship? Too bad Lynn & Shelaine didn't get caught in the cross fire.

That sock is looking fab! I may have to jump on that band wagon - hang on, does this mean Lynn's going to have to knit socks? LOL

LaurieM said...

Its a beautiful sock. Surely you scored more than the Regia. Flash your stash baybee!

Megan said...

That sock yarn is perfect! I love the color and the pattern so far. Shopping was definitely the way to go.

And your cat is very cute.

c.Rachel said...

My sock mojo is...well, don't think I ever had it. I've been happily knitting away but now I've reached the heel. Oh well.

Your cat posed for you! Great pic!

Montreal Mama said...

I hope my kids get to do the flat stanley thing one day!

I love Cookie A's sock patterns. She just rocks.