Crochet graffiti

This weekend was indeed WWKiP weekend and although I did not get around to knitting in public, even though the weather was amazing, we did come across some rather public displays of needle art while in Paris.
As we were wondering over to Jardin du Luxembourg we stumbled upon this street art festival and throughout the festival were these pieces of knitted and crocheted graffiti.These are actually water fountains found throughout the city. Mr. T is not trying to look up the lady's dress but filling up our water bottle.This is my favorite one. I'm considering "knit tagging" something in the Twin Cities but haven't found the best spot yet. Here's a good place to start for more inspiration on knitting graffiti.


c.Rachel said...

I like that last one. I'm glad I still remember a bit of my high school French. [or at least think I do]

Montreal Mama said...

Oh, wow those are so fun!!!