Strawberries and Cream

If I had hundreds of millions of dollars to lose (like many of Bernie Madoff's friends), I would be so lucky. I wonder what that's like. Even for a week. Poor Bernie. We should commend him for thinning out the filthy rich. Even Ruth Madoff still made off with $2.5 million. Most of the world would be content with that. I had a conversation with my cousin some time ago about the most any one person needs - perhaps a salary cap of $300,000 a year. Doesn't that sound like more than enough? It's enough to have a very nice house, lots of food, lots of holidays, lots of extras . . . at the same time, a top earner would remain considerate, accountable, careful, and appreciative. Too much of anything will give you a belly ache. I should know. I enthusiastically ate a lot of pineapple once.



Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I love how you think! And agree whole heartedly. I am certain I could do quite well with $300,000.00 a year. Paying off the house and not having to worry about the vehicle would be nice.

knitty_kat said...

Don't know if I ever mentioned it, but thanks for taking me along to Heemans. Hmmmm!!

Montreal Mama said...

Bernie gives us Jews a bad name. He should be ashamed. His parole is up in like 130 years or something like that! Crazy.

Strawberries & cream look delicious. Yum!