Sunday Sweets

A few more ends to weave in, and a set of these dishclothes would make a pretty bridal shower gift.
A large serving plate that I found last weekend for 50 cents. I've already used it for serving a roast chicken, but it's equally pretty just sitting there atop a dresser for my viewing pleasure.

Last night, the Bee and I combined our talents to sew up this pretty doll quilt for Flower Bear who incidentally has been shut out from under the covers by Cherry Bear. Maybe Flower is letting Cherry test it out. Not sure what's happening here.

We made it up as we went along. It's backed by a piece of lavendar fleece that matches the My Little Pony panels. This morning I tied it up using a tiny ball of Manos del Uruguay wool that I couldn't bear to throw out. And ta-da! Note to self - Next time, hide the hideous commercial fabric in the stash before the Bee picks out her pieces. But seriously, this was a lot quicker to do with help. Even if she's only 6, she's great at cutting, choosing, measuring and sewing - not to mention cleaning as well! The whole quilt probably took us an hour and half from start to finish. Good times.
Now we're off for a walk. I made up some Gorp inspired by this post, but we only had cheerios, choco chips, toasted almonds and some zookies. The Bee has a habit of renaming stuff, and apparently the Gorp is now called "Stew Bow Fit". When I tried repeating it and said, "Stew Boff It?", she laughed and noted that "THAT doesn't even make sense!!" REALLY????


Megan said...

Those dish cloths are super pretty- I'm sure they will be loved.

Love the quilt, what a fun project to do together.

Sarah-Mae said...

I am inspired to knit dishcloths now!!!

knitty_kat said...

I think I'm going to have to have an impromptu bridal shower. That should save me heading over to your place and stealing these. LOL

Montreal Mama said...

Great projects & a great find! That is a lovely dish!