British Slang

Remember when everyone in the United States of America thought I was from London, England? Well, I've been watching a pile of British sitcoms, and I've been catching myself saying filthy British curse words in my head and laughing out loud. This behaviour isn't making much sense to the people around me. I highly recommend catching up on Season 1 and 2 of The Inbetweeners, but be warned that as much as it was hilarious, it was equally offensive. I winced at least once or twice during each episode, but I also nearly peed my pants in the second season's finale. So if you find yourself taking the challenge, please do not judge me. I also like chicken on a stick - this has ruined my reputation, so it would appear that I do not have much of anything left to lose.

It hasn't been all tv-watching around here though. I've been casting on like it's going out of style. Nothing finished. I'm also volunteering for a Liberal candidate, and my dirty secret is that I voted NDP in the last federal election. I'm deathly afraid that the Party will find out and oust me. Wait until they find out that I don't know a thing about politics. That might be worse than the NDP thing. If they ask me why I'm there, I'll be honest and tell them I thought there would be food involved. They'll laugh of course, and maybe we can just talk about our favourite recipes. I saw this Impossible Pie on Salihan's blog, and I read the recipe, and it's totally my speed.

Don't get too excited. It's just a wee February Baby Sweater, but I am using Misti International Pima Cotton Silk in a dk weight, and I know I've said it before, but THIS stuff is drape-a-licious and knits up like butter. And I am ahead of the pack 'cause when I was stashing it on ravelry, I was only the second person to stash this GOLD. It's brand spankin' new! I have Karen to thank from Shall We Knit. So if you find yourself in New Hamburg, stop and pick yourself up some. In fact I need more. I'll be replenishing on Saturday, June 13 - World Wide Knit In Public Day.



Unknown said...

We have a British guest off & on all summer (he was here last year too) & his more colourful language rubs off on me a bit as well - sails over the little guys heads but Dan has started to catch on.

Salihan said...

Thanks for mentioning on your blog! :) Did you like the impossible pie? I froze my extras and hope it defrosts ok! P.S. Love the wee sweater. -

Sarah-Mae said...

What a beautiful little FBS!!!
It's baby knitting season for me, and now I'm tempted by your Pima Cotton SilK!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, just have to ask - how exactly does butter knit up??? (Hee Hee!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I just need to say - you could make millions writing books & people would actually enjoy it. Or better yet, write for a stand up comic. I'm serious, really!

knitty_kat said...

I am so freaking behind on blog reading. . that I'm going to have to please "bankrupt".

You are so gonna have to spread some of the slang on me. . I bet we could have a lot of fun with it.
Peas & Rice!

Montreal Mama said...

Your sweater that you are knitting is coming long very nicely! It's gorgeous!