Monday Mail

Don't you love getting packages in the mail? I know I do, especially when they have good stuff like this inside...I stumbled upon some Cascade Eco wool on sale as I was poking around on the internet at work (gasp!). At $10.50 a skein, I just couldn't help myself. These will hopefully become Owl sweaters once I've gotten a few projects out of my queue. The wool is so soft and springy and I cannot wait to wind it up in my new ball winder, which I also bought online at work during a moment of weakness. That hasn't arrived yet so for now the winding and the Owl knitting can wait.

The weather was lovely over the weekend, which brought on my hay fever. I have tried every drug there is on the market (and off the market?) and have settled on Nettle tea and local honey. This stuff really works my friends. Go to your local herb store (the bongs in the window and incense smell will tell you that you're in the right place) and get some Nettle leaves, steep, add some local, organic honey and you've got yourself a tasty and effective allergy remedy. You should check with your doctor first though, to see if you can have any herbal remedy. Anyway, speaking of tasty things, I made this Whole Lemon tart over the weekend. The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen, a trusted source for interesting and new recipes to try. The tart was bright and lemony and sparkled like a jewel. It was even better the next day chilled with a dollop of cream. Oh yes, I loves me some cream!


knitty_kat said...

that pie is is making my mouth water just looking at it!! Hmmm. Is it tart? Feel better soon.

c.Rachel said...

That ball winder would've been great two weeks ago when I was winding my 1020 yards of white and 1020 yards baby blue yarn. [it's the "Pound of Love" yarn]