Two Points for Me

Lace Ribbon Scarf: Black Lamb 50% silk, 50% superwash merino wool, sage

Woodland Shawl: Louet Gems Fingering 100% superwash merino wool, teal

It's taken nearly two years to knit that dang shawl and not 'cause it was hard. I'm not quite sure what to say in my defence. The ply was really twisty and fiddly, and the lovely teal was the same colour as my needles, so seeing the stitches was a pain in the butt. I could have very well switched the needles, but for some odd reason they seemed to be a freakish size - not quite a 4 mm and definitely bigger than a 3.5 mm. Is there such a thing as a 3.75 mm needle? It was a challenge. I had to do this one in daylight without much distraction until I was really comfortable with the pattern.

Now the lace ribbon scarf was another story. It was my second time around this pattern, so once I got through a few rows, I had it down pat. I knit this super fast for Mother's Day for my mum in a sage green that matches her dining room. It's a fun and intuitive knit. I knit it while talking and listening to other conversations. I may have even popped it out a Podcamp London session on podcasting (the presentation was way over my head, and I was stuck beside the wall in the front with no chance of slipping out unnoticed).

I anticipated the blocking of these two dainties to be more fiddlier. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy! I've not enjoyed such a dreaded task in a long time. And before you dare ask about the Hemlock, I'm waiting for the right moment. Ugh.



Montreal Mama said...

I actually do believe there is a 3.75mm needle. I think I have a needle gauge that has a slot for one! Though, I don't think I own any of those needles.

They look great - both prjects~!

knitty_kat said...

Only 2 points?? I think it should be more. Either way they both turned out lovely!

OzB said...

Awesome job on both N :-) You deserve an Oscar for both! Very nice :-)

c.Rachel said...

lovely work!
I agree with knitty kat...definitely more than 2 points.

Megan said...

These are beautiful. Wonderful work. I absolutely love the colors. My mom wants a shawl like that but I feel like it would take me forever too.