The Strawberry Stain is Fading

Knitting at the moment is TOP SECRET, so I feel a little lost for words.

Hmm . . . what's new? Well, I was almost sick, meaning I could feel the onset of something, but I managed to take enough advil and cold medicine that I don't really remember much from the last few days. We did our taxes just under the wire. It feels good to have that done. What else? We cleaned the front hall and threw out probably a dozen pairs of winter boots. How does anyone get more than one year out of boots? The girls really put them through the wringer, not to mention their feet are growing at an insane pace. I am hoping that El's feet freeze where they are 'cause the kid's feet are bigger than mine already. She's at a whopping size 9! I was really looking forward to sharing shoes with her - think of all the shoes that I could justify buying! I swear she skipped over size 8. Seriously. I blinked and missed it. So yeah, the closet has been purged of winter gear, and stuffed with umbrellas and rain boots for the wet days and flip flops for the dry days. One can always hope for more of those.

Now I'm just boring y'all.

Let's look forward! I'm excited about the Mother's Day shun piker next weekend. We have a caravan of family joining us on that little jaunt. Flowers for the planters will need to be acquired. I will be recruiting for yard-sale-ing partners. In fact, there's a few village-wide sales that I am anticipating. I have to choose one more book in order to qualify for free shipping from Amazon. Any ideas? I have plenty of ideas, but I think I am over-analyzing this one. There's air in the bike tires now, so I can hop on the bike at a moment's notice and depending on accompanying nice weather. The peony bushes are popping up. This excites me to no end. The birds are hollering in the backyard which can only mean the squirrels have ransacked the bird feeder once again. We're living in exciting times.

Oh and last week I took the bestest picture I've ever taken. It's so real, it's unreal.

Maybe it's just me.



OrangeHeroMama said...

oooh oooh oooh!!! I will soooo garage sale with you!!! :)


Hall in the Kitchen said...

My girls both wear size 11!!
Trump that!!!:)
Shoe shopping is a nightmare!

T of Balkan Style Bloggers said...

That picture could totally be the Spring 2009 banner for Balkan Style (hint hint).

LaurieM said...

The picture is luminous is a moonlight way. Does that make sense?

c.Rachel said...

I'm looking forward to when my little girl's shoe size is the same as mine. She won't have a will be the same. =)

knitty_kat said...

::jumps up and down like a jack ass::

Pick me! Pick me! Well ya bedder pick me cuz I'm comin' shoppin' with ya anyway.

Shun Pike is M-day weekend. damnit!

Montreal Mama said...

That picture is gorgeous!

I am kinda glad that I have 2 boys and no girls, I can keep all my clothes and shoes for myself! Muaahhhh!

I wear a size 8, can I come see what shoes you have? LOL

I can't figure out how to get more than 1 Canadian winter out of my own boots! I'm hoping my boots make it through next winter (I already had to buy zipper pulls as the zippers broke on my boots this past winter)