My first Geek Dinner London Meetup:

"Crap. I forgot my internet card."
"Hey, check it out! This chick's laptop is SO old that she's got an internet card!!"
"Just unplug the lights."
"Great. You just pissed off all the geeks."
"Do we have to pay extra for lights?"
"I love balkan-style yogurt!"
"Just unplug the laptop."
"Crap. Those were the lights for the whole bar."
"Just wait for your eyes to adjust."
"You should twitter that."
"I could take a better picture if there was more light."
"Give me your camera. I want to take a picture of the outlet."
"How do you adjust the aperture on this thing?"
"Sorry I cut off your head."
"Watch out. I have teeth."
"No one is talking to us."
"We're not talking to anyone either."
"I know that guy over there."
"Go say hi. I dare you."
"He looked at me."
"That's it. Go say hi."
"It wasn't a look of recognition."
"What time is it?"
"9 o'clock"
"Do you want us to escort you out?"
"Let me unplug your power cord and plug the lights back in."
"Last call! Do it again and yell out 'last call'"
"Let's beat this joint."
"We did good. We made a friend."
"Pull the car around."
"I'm nervous about exiting the parking lot."
"Next time, I'll drive."
"You'd think she'd have a harder time turning left."
"That was a raccoon."
"Send me that picture of the outlet asap."

I did end up downloading Picasa when I got home, and I finished our new banner. Let me know if you'd rather have the magnolia picture, T. I don't know how long I can keep a picture of El's butt up there before she gets hostile. Not sure why she would be upset to be honest. It's a cute rear end.



John said...

Gald you had a good time. Hope to see you at the next one.

knitty_kat said...

hahahaha!! You rock. I say next we get there early and turn the lights off before anyone gets there. Then we can turn then on! buwaha ha!

Anonymous said...

best account of a geek dinner ever. Hope you had a good time.

Montreal Mama said...

Sounds like an interesting time!