Newfie hockey

What do you get when you put together a wine bottle, some hockey tape and a bunch of wire hangers? No, not a take on Newfie ice hockey (please forgive me if I've offended any New Foundlanders, I'm from New Brunswick, so I'm practically one of you guys), but a cheap person's yarn swift. A couple weeks back I mentioned that I had ordered a yarn ball winder on line and was impatiently awaiting its delivery. Well, it arrived on Saturday morning and I immediately had to see how it worked. So in my haste and in my frugalness I put together this contraption. I found the tutorial here and after a few modifications (added an extra hanger and used hockey tape instead of duct tape because my husband is not that handy but can play a mean game 'o hockey when he wants to) I got it to work, more or less.

Top view of the crude contraption (please ignore our dangerous mess of electrical cords)

Let's just say that my yarn swift aint so swift but I was able to set it on the floor, feed the yarn with my right hand and crank the ball winder with my left hand. It was still way faster than winding by hand and resulted in these lovely little cakes. Sweet!


Lori said...

This is awesome! Ingenuity at its finest.

The hockey tape application could have been used for the line in that Molson Canadian commercial "You think hockey tape can fix anything..."

Mountain Mama said...

What a great idea! I can just imagine the conversations that would happen when friends came over and I "accidently" left it out on the table.

OrangeHeroMama said...

oooooohhhh! those yarn cakes are PURTY!!!! :D

LaurieM said...

You MacGuyver'd it! Cool.

A ball winder is also an excellent tool should you have to rip. It's almost fun to let the ball winder do the work.

Megan said...

Hey whatever works, right?

I love making yarn cakes- so satisfying!

Montreal Mama said...

I was just going to type "Hey, whatever works right" and saw that the person who commented just before me, wrote that too! LOL..

So... "Whatever works!"

I did the trick!

I probably could find hockey tape more easily than I could find duct tape in my house too.

knitty_kat said...

awesome!! You deserve a knitting badge!