Weekend Warrior

We went with the yellow and orange colour scheme in the flower boxes again this year. Today it rained on and off, but we managed to get some gardening in while it was dry this morning.

My dear sister gifted me this precious bird for my birthday, and I have been tardy in showing it off. The top of the bird can be pried gently open, and tiny trinkets hidden inside. I've been keeping my favourite pair of earrings in there. It's pretty as well as purposeful.

One sleeve finished, and one more to go. So close.

And I knit these up at the beginning of April - they each took an hour tops, and one ball of Lopi was all it took. And I believe I scored the Lopi at the Goodwill, so we're talking $1 for two felted bowls. It took me until today to felt the dang things. I decided to not felt them in the washer because the last time I felted bowls in the washer, we had to pay to have it repaired. Eek. So I did it the ol' fashioned way by hand. Lots of HOT water, lots of soap and killing my arms. I'm SO going to feel it tomorrow. I'll probably find myself walking around with noodle-y arms that hang to the ground like a monkey. Sweet. It just so happens that I can make really good monkey noises too.
Here's to one more day until Monday, my friends,


Unknown said...

I do all my felting witht the items zipped into pillow protectors to prevent the lint from destroying my washer.

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I just bought some zippered pillow protectors for super cheap! Why didn't I think of that?? I tried tying knots in my pillowcases, and they came out, and, well, you know the rest of the story! :) Thanks, Ellen!

Montreal Mama said...

Great photos!

Can't wait to see that sweater finished, it's so lovely!