Best Costume To Date

Every year we argue about costumes. This year was no different. I wanted to make a jellyfish costume to showcase my creative skills, and the littlest insisted that a fish was in no way scary. Nothing but scary would do for this one. So I relented, and as is the case each time I relent, it is a success. Man, I hate to admit that.
So the oldest went to work finding black garments, and then she made a list of what was still needed. I drove to the store with the list and managed very well to pick up each item even though last-minute Halloween shoppers were swarming the seasonal aisles. I returned home to sew some twill tape to the sides of the hat to tie in a bow under her chin while the oldest applied make-up and finished the transformation. Actually the cherry on top has to be the Converse high-top sneakers, but who's counting? A perfect team effort!
I'm always amazed that this little sprite is so filled to the brim with excitement with each holiday. In all of her 13 years, the oldest has never been thrilled to see Halloween arrive while the littlest counted down the days. No, really. Every single morning before I had time to pour the cereal, she noted the number of remaining days. She started this two weeks ago. And while I dreaded it, she begged her dad to bring up the decorations from the basement. She dusted off each skeleton and hung up each ghost and bat in the box. She found some tattoos and made me apply them all over her arm. She planned out all the candy and made special treat bags for her friends. It was insane. And it was contagious. Us adults and teenager couldn't help but smile and enjoy ourselves. Dang kid.


LaurieM said...

She's the cutest little witch evah! Love the contrast of the lady-like gauze of the hat, against the sneakers. Also, those cute cheeks contrasted with the black eyes. How can something so spooky be so adorable at the same time?

Montreal Mama said...

That is such a gun costume! I hope she got some good candies!

OzB said...

The bumblebee has blossomed into a wicked witch! She's so adorable, I just want to squeeze her tight :-)

knitty_kat said...

ha ha ha ha!! *falls off chair laughing* You didn't seriously think you'd win did you? It was a cool idea though.

B = 11ty bagillion
N = zilch

Torhild Reidardatter said...

She looks like the happiest kid on the block- sure- she won the contest between you and her self--- hha,ha,
isn´t it just great.