Friday Night Knitting Club of One

My sister has her graduation ceremony this evening, so when she asked if I could watch her two youngest, I didn't hesitate to say yes 'cause graduating is pretty special, and it's not as if I get to hang with them all the time since we live an hour apart. Are you like me, and if someone lives an hour away, you think of it always as two hours away? I mean, it takes an hour to drive there and another hour to get home, so that's really two hours. Y'all think like that, right? I admit it's the pessimist in me - everything is always half empty! : ) Anyways, the kids are absorbed by the Wii, so's I might as well be invisible. I did manage to coax the two littlest girls to come upstairs and chop apples for applesauce. They chopped much faster than I could peel. I also caught many apple slices being popped into their mouths. The applesauce smells wonderful. I also chose this quiet time to spray winter boots with stainguard, so the applesauce is overtaking the potent chemical smell in the foyer. Next up, knitting. One purple 80% cashmere, 20% silk cowl . . .

Happy Friday night!



Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Yum! Applesauce. I should make some too. Thanks for the good idea.
I totally think in those terms if I have to go visit someone; doesn't everybody??

Pretty flower! What kind is it?

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I have no idea what type of flower it is! I cut a few stems from the parking lot from where I work. They are a perennial, and they are super late blooming and the flower is super hardy. One day I will find out! :)

Montreal Mama said...

Is it easy to make apple sauce? Do you have a recipe to share?

Great yarn for your next cowl. Love the color too.

Happy graduation to your sister!

knitty_kat said...

cashmere? Is that for me??