One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I'm almost done Monkey #1.  It just needs to be attached at the joints and some nipple-y little legs knit to the body as per the pattern.   While this feels like progress and a head-start on xmas presents, I have had to rip the sweater I was knitting this week because I made a major boo-boo, and the yarn was too shiny for a Cowichan-style cardigan.  I caught my tragic error while gazing at my published blog post.   It occurred to me that the fairisle band around the mid-riff was insanely narrower than the cardigan on the cover of the magazine.  And then the ah-ha moment came like a kick to the stomache.   I had only knit half of the chart!   These things happen for a reason 'cause I really should have ripped it back after an inch into the sweater - the yarn was simply not worthy of the pattern.  I am positive that this is the universe's way of telling me to focus on the holiday gift-making first before I go off on some whim.

Happy Thursday, my friends!  I must go catch up on yesterday's episode of Glee



Montreal Mama said...

Can't wait to see what you use that yarn for then, if it wasn't worthy of that pattern.

The monkey is soo cute - hard to make?? I wish I had someone to make that for, I don't want anymore stuffies in my house!

Unknown said...

Another Gleek, the boys (being musical theatre chidren) love it.

Sweet monkey, hope my teens don't see it, I've got them convinced I don't have the talent to sew one, if they see one being knit, all excuses are blown.