The Bee's class is studying Remembrance this month, and each of the students must choose an aspect of war to present to the class.   Armed with a couple of images, she has to rattle off a paragraph or two.  I gently steered her towards Children and the War Effort.  I was trying to keep it light, but how do you make anything war-related pleasant?   I guess that's the point.  We've talked about how many people lost their loved ones, how many people were hurt, and how scary it was.   We've talked about freedom and protecting our rights.  I'm surprised at how much she understands at the age of 8. 

I will be spending some time today thinking of courage, remembrance, heroes, self-sacrifice and freedom.  I believe it's important.



Lupie said...

I will make it a point to tell my grand children how important all who serve and have served are to the country.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

We took a moment here to think about Remembrance Day.