Handmade Holidays

I wasn't the only one who was crafting gifts around here. Check out B's painting of a Christmas Tree in the dark with blue snowflakes twirling and swirling around the tree. I just happened to get a Michael's gift card for Christmas, so perhaps I can get it framed soon and hung up on the wall.

My mum made all the grandkids necklaces. They were much happier than they were posing for me. I don't think they're called necklaces when they're for boys, are they? Is there a better word? It's escaping me at the moment.

I haven't just been sitting around either. I am warming up for the Year of the Sock. Look, it's a toddler-sized sock. Cuteness!

My mum found some of my sister's and my button collection, and we were outed.

Doesn't everyone have buttons of themselves? Well, they should. I particularly like the way my eyeglasses framed my cheeks! Everyone had a good chuckle at my expense. Ha ha ha.

Consider it my gift to you. Go ahead and laugh. Cheers!