Liz Claiborne the Snow Woman

Here's Liz wearing a pink Burberry scarf. Her carrot nose is pointing south.
Christmas decoration boxes have been unearthed, and the house is slowly being decorated for the holidays. I have fifteen of these choir girls along the window sill in the dining room. I had fifteen red choir girls too, but they were probably thrown out with the rest of our Christmas ornaments when we moved a couple years ago. I would like to say that I am not bitter, but a little bit of me is sad that their sisters are decomposing in a heap of garbage.
My clapotis in all its glory. I actually wear this baby everywhere. I see more clapotises in my future - maybe in the New Year.
One chocolate brown alpaca/merino mitten for J. I am smitten with this mitten - it is so warm, and it fits my hand quite nicely. So ignore what I said earlier. If he doesn't wear them, I will reclaim the mittens for myself. I have the cuff of the second mitten knit, and I hope to have the pair finished in the next few days.
Here's my $3 Goodwill nativity scene, that I bought last weekend. I love the splashes of bright orange on the pillars. You can't see it in this picture, but there is some bright pink mingled in the orange - it's mother-flippin' awesome. Unfortunately all the pieces are glued to the base, so B can't rearrange the characters and play out the birth of the King of Kings.
But that's okay because J's grampa gave us this nativity set a few years ago. He made all the pieces by hand except for baby Jesus - he seems to be plastic. The set is absolutely beautiful!! I usually place it on a little table in the living room, and B plays with it all December. I love to watch her play. Her newest plot is stealing baby Jesus away from Bethlehem so King Herod - that evil guy - can't kill him. Is this wrong?
Tomorrow is the London Knit ravelry group's second big meet-up. Ellen was nice enough to arrange a monthly meeting at the Wortley Roadhouse every first Monday at 7 p.m. You can bet I'll be there, but it needs repeating - I tend to get a bit wobbly after sniffing a beer cap. I'll be the one holding the wall.


~RaenWa~ said...

Your snow woman is cute in her scarf..Clapotis is beautiful I love the colors its so cute..I think its cute your daughter enjoys playing with the Nativity scene I love the handmade one Have fun at your meet up

knitty_kat said...

maybe you should give them to J and tell him he can wrap them for YOU? LOL!!