Pepto Sock

Wow! You guys got some great prezzies this year. I think the best one would have to be J's lovely pin with your mug on it. Truly chic glasses. I didn't know that you wore glasses. If it makes you feel any better I also had similar ones except with wire rims.

I have attempted to knit a sock using the pattern from Knit Cafe. I am at the heal and have stopped dead in my tracks. I think I may have to find a sock pattern in Magic Loop as this is my very first attempt and the pattern is written for dpns.The yarn is Patons sock yarn that you gave to me as part of a very spectacular going away gift when I moved. It's rather pink. Reminds me of that pink stuff that I needed to guzzle after all of that Christmas eating.

Another snow storm is supposed to blow through here again. Hope you guys are staying warm and have fully recovered from the aftermath of the holidays!