Happy Festivus

Shhhh. Here's a little skirt I whipped up for B's best bear bud, Erica. It will be wrapped and placed under the tree for Erica with love from Santa. B in her stripes and flowers decorating Gramma and Grampa's Martha Stewart revolving tree from The Bay. The kids never get tired of the revolving tree. I do. Try taking pictures of a moving target!
Here are two of my favourite tree ornaments that my mum must have made nearly twenty years ago. I haven't even attempted mastering the skill of embroidery. I gush over this set annually, so I hope she gets the idea - I like 'em and would treasure them forever if she would let me.
And here's a little buy handmade + a little make handmade. I bought several bars of handmade soap, and I knit up some simple garter stitch double yarn washclothes. Together I think they look very 'Debbie Bliss'. I have four sets all together, and they will be perfect for a couple teachers and the girls' crossing guard. I love the crossing guard! And so do the girls.

I haven't a picture of our tree all decked out, but I can assure you that pictures will indeed follow. Did I mention how BIG this tree is? Let's just say we have to walk by it sideways to get to the door. Oh dear. Must remember next year, that house cleaning can wait until after I accompany the family on their tree purchasing. The three of them insist that this was the Charlie Brown tree, and I and the front room beg to differ.

This morning I am stuck at home with a streppy B. Yes - it was another late night/early morning visit to the emergency room followed by a quick ice cream and popsicle run. Just in time for the weekend. Woo-hoo! J has promised that he will wake up shortly before noon to relieve me so that I can put in at least a few hours at work. Unfortunately I doubt that kind of dedication will pay off one iota, but it's worth the attempt.



~RaenWa~ said...

Wow a revoling tree that is cool your ornaments are goregous your mother is talented I like your soap & cloth idea I bet they will be a big hit can't wait to see your tree hope you get better soon Happy Holidays

knitty_kat said...

is it strep? That really sucks, no wonder why she wasn't feeling well. I'm going to go and wash my hands now. And take some vitamin C. and wash my hands, oh I said that already!

Montreal Mama said...

You made that soap yourself? Can you email me how to make some? PLease!

graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com


That mini skirt you knit is too cute!