All Quiet

It's been a quiet weekend at our house. T has come down with a mild case of stomach flu and has been resting on the couch. Being the empathetic wife that I am, I ended up spending my time with him "resting". It was nice though, after a week that really kicked me in the butt.

The Mother Bear bear is done. He's awaiting being boxed up and sent out to project headquarters where I hope that he will eventually find some small, loving arms to hold him. He's already told me that he's quite excited to go overseas and carry out his mission of comfort. What a nice guy.
I picked up some Vana White yarn this weekend after finding out that my friend from uni will be having a baby girl in June. The plan is to knit a chevron blanket in these nice, girly colours.
Maybe this should be called the Wheel of Fortune blanket?


Anonymous said...

That's a nice bear! How loveable and snuggly--adore the scarf!

Hope your hubby is feeling better and hope you don't have another "kicked me in the butt" week. =)

Katherine said...

Your bear is adorable. Some little one will feel very lucky to have him, I'm sure.

Love your Wheel of Fortune blanket colors - it's going to be beautiful!

~RaenWa~ said...

Aww the bear is so cute I hope your husband starts feeling well soon I think Vanna White would be honored if you called it the Wheel Of Fortune Blanket lol