Back on the Horse

Look! A new haircut and a new camera, and I love both!
Here's my Handmaiden Mini Maiden I bought in Newmarket
. . . and my Fleece Artist Basic Merino Sock Kit! It's GOLD!

I am over-the-moon thrilled with my new camera. A part of me thinks that on some level I may have wanted to break the shutter on my old one in order to get this. J talked me through a bunch of options once I told him what I needed the camera to do. For example, I needed to shoot pictures with my sometimes shakey hands. I wanted high stitch definition. I wanted lots of knobs and options. He took all of this into serious consideration without any rolling of the eyes, and he translated my specs into electronic lingo with the sales assistants. He didn't pull out any stops. We got the best camera at the drug store. That's right. The pharmacy. Shopper's has a really fancy electronics counter at most stores, and today I got 20 times my points, so after buying the camera, I went over to the cosmetics counter and bought a $100 bottle of Dior Miss Cherie Eau de Parfum with all my points! I believe this may be when J finally rolled his eyes.

Something else that terribly excites me is the Parkinson's Annual Cut-a-Thon! This year it happens to fall right on my birthday, and I have scheduled appointments for El, me and my mum. Fancy hair will need strutting, so I need to pick somewhere 'cher' for lunch. If you live in south-western Ontario, and you have hair, I seriously recommend you make an appointment. You get a fabulous cut and style at a trendy salon, a heavy loot bag from Revlon, and to top it all off, you are supporting a very worthy organization. It's only $35, and ALL of the money goes to charity because the salons and hair stylists donate their time, skills and resources for the day. Book now to get the most choice salons!


knitty_kat said...

(sniff, wipes tear from eye) new camera? Chick I'm jealous!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Sweet hair cut on B.

Katherine said...

She's beautiful! And that yarn is to die for - I adore that blue (surprised?) and that gold is great too.

Shopper's sells cameras? Nice. Those points are handy. Congratulations!