Night Mantra

I have fallen into a blog slump without my digital camera. Lots happening here, but not a heck of a lot of knitting. Maybe a part of me doesn't want to finish anything without being able to take a picture, but I don't think that's it. I've just been busy with busy-ness.

I found a pair of wool trousers to wear with a pretty sweater for last Saturday's wedding, and I ended up going with my parents, AND my dad danced! My sister ended up dateless as well because her husband also had to work. I secretly love hanging with my mum and dad and my sister - it takes me back to when it REALLY was just the four of us against the world all the time. No kids and no husbands - it's a rare occurrence that must be cherished. My sister and I giggled like schoolgirls the entire night. My favourite part was when we walked up to the DJ to request the Cha Cha Slide, and he asked us if we were seriously going to dance to it, and neither of us could lie to save our lives, so we just stood there and looked blank. He crumpled up our little piece of paper and threw it over his shoulder and said, "That's what I thought. Come back when you've had a few drinks." To which we slumped away embarassed. I just wanted to see who would dance and if they could do it. I don't dance sober, and I can't do the Cha Cha Slide - I missed the kindergarten class where they taught left and right. Everytime the DJ played a song and nobody danced, I yelled out "Whoever requested this mother-flippin' song better get up and dance!!" The music was loud, so I don't think anyone heard me. I also chugged back my water every time the DJ looked over (pretending it was vodka on the rocks), but it was to no avail. My sister got me really excited when JT came on, but I knew it wasn't the Cha Cha Slide even if I did start clapping.

The freakiest thing was when I pointed out this dude, and she nodded and agreed that he looked a lot taller on facebook. I didn't even say anything, and neither of us knew this guy from a hole in the wall. I was going to say the exact same thing - word for word!! That's insane. We laughed about that too. The dude was insanely short, and he looked gigantic in his facebook album. Let that be a lesson to you - don't share your photos with your network 'cause if me and my sister are in your network, we're looking at you right now and judging your height!

What else? Hmm. Sunday, the girls and I went to the Family Fun Event fundraiser for the non-profit agency for which I work. I think we ended up raising about $11,000. That's a tidy sum! And Monday I went to the dentist and had more glorious work done on my teeth, and this time I got to watch Seinfeld episodes on her new video glasses! I was in a fit of giggles at the same time I was getting a pretty filling. It was the one where Jerry declares that he hates anyone who ever had a pony, and Manya gets so upsets she dies the next day. I can't wait to go back next week for another appointment. Oh dear, it was hilarious!

Today I met with B's kindergarten teacher to make an action plan. We've both been concerned that she's not quite where she needs to be to prepare her for Grade 1. So we came up with a couple of pages of activities we can do at home. I am pretty happy about this because I really want to help her with her numeracy and literacy skills, but I had been a little unsure about how to go about it. Now we have some fairly easy and fun strategies that should ease her a little better into next year. For instance, we're going to start printing a little journal about B's day. I will ask her what her favourite part of the day was, and I will print it out, and she will copy it. After a few weeks, we'll have a nice little bedtime story going. Then I will make up some word cards, and she can try to find them in the other stories we read. I think we will also have special letter days where I will hide a letter under her pillow, and when she wakes up and finds it, it will be the letter of the day, and our activities may start with that letter, we could hunt for that letter, and eat foods starting with that letter. The possibilities are endless. As I said, I have a couple pages filled with ideas like these.

Anyone doing anything special for Leap Day? A couple of my silly co-workers have planned a night of family games to celebrate, so the four of us will head down to the centre to play. If it's anything like the other events they've planned before, we are in for a good deal of FUN.

This weekend is quite bare of plans so hopefully I can do some spring cleaning around the house as we seem to have accumulated a massive amount of crap over the winter. In some areas, all that is left is a pathway. The mess is making my head pound just thinking about it. Some of you may be asking yourself why I just don't turn off the computer and go clean it. Good question. I don't know. That seems like a weekend job. I also plan to go knitting at the Market on Sunday afternoon. It's been nearly three weeks, and I am starting to show symptoms of withdrawal like I can't remember how to purl and stuff like that. I admit that it has been a very long time since the knitting has been picked up. And when I say a long time, I mean a couple of very long days. My sister was telling strangers that I knit on the toilet - hey, my hands are free! Or maybe she said while driving . . .

Well, I must take off now to empty the dishwasher and load up the washer with laundry because the piles of clothes and dishes are starting to block my way to the bathroom, and when is a girl supposed to knit?



OzB said...

Well, I'm exhausted after reading about your epic adventures during the last week or so.

But I can summon enough strength to say:


Please find your way back to our email soon!

Katherine said...

Can I go to a wedding with you sometime? Please?