Sunday Night

Dear N,

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend in New Market. Hope you did lots of crafting, saw lots of foreign films, ate junky things, and talked and talked and talked. Also hope that you are now safe at home and warm in your bed. It's Monday again tomorrow.

I just wanted to let all of our London readers know that our heart throb, Hawksely Workman, is coming to your fair city on March 3. He will again do two shows, an early one and a late one. If only I were there, we could go again. Remember waiting with our Tim Horton's coffees to get into Aeolian Hall and then being so tired the next morning at work? Oh but being in the second row and hearing that incredible voice was so worth it. You must go N, you must! Thanks for the video link by the way. The 80's cheese is fantastic.

No crafting this weekend although after I post I am going to cast on for one of the Mother Bear bears from Knitting for Peace. I have to stop crying when I read that book.

Before I go I just wanted to share a picture of the cake that T got me for my birthday. I thought you'd get a good kick out of it. G'night!


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Was 24 a particularly good year? That guy is crazy! Maybe he meant it like a two-four of beer?

Katherine said...

Hey - I hereby offer you guys a "You Make My Day" award. Because you do.