Pepto Sock Parade

Yoo-hoo!! Soak up these slouchy socks! Her feet are still growing so I have every confidence that they will fit a bit better one day.

And feast your eyes on half a sleeve for my Drops cardigan. The RYC Soft Tweed is so light and soft as dryer lint.

El is now 12 years old. She is the mother-flippin'est coolest kid. We don't always get along, but that's because we're the same. The kid is brilliant and cracks the most sarcastic quips. She is serious about everything and does not suffer fools. I LOVE her sense of humour. She loves her little sister in a non-mushy way, and I envy B this - being the oldest in my own family, I always wanted a cool older sibling. Today at school, a couple of older boys walked up to B in the kindergarten yard and asked if she knew El, and they were absolutely in awe that this little purple marshmallow was related to the elusive El.

Anyway, I am one year away from being the mother of a full-fledged teenager. Everyone keeps telling me I am in deep doo-doo. Yeah, I know. This ball of sunshine is all mine!!



Montreal Mama said...

I love the slouchy socks. Where is the pattern from? I want to make some!

Your daughter is very pretty.

Oh, I'm totally making some Newfie mittens. My best friend is making some, with Silk Garden in the color part, and it's awesome how it's changing colors!

~RaenWa~ said...

I can't wait to learn to make socks tired of store socks lol...I love the sleeve for your cardigan especially the design at the bottom the yarn looks so nice & soft I hope your daughter had a great birthday