Sunday's Agenda

Woodland Shawl - coming along nicely if I do say so myself. See the needles? What the heck was I thinking???
Listening and giggling softly to this while I knit in the living room. Seems odd to me that everyone is retreating to the basement.
Watering the tulips from J's dad - he plants them and gives them to the girls so they can watch them grow each year. I think it's sweet.
Plodding through this children's book. The projects are really pretty, but my crochet hook is so small - most of the patterns call for bulky wool which isn't conducive to a 3.25 mm crochet hook. Will continue to gaze adoringly at pictures instead.
Planning to curl up with this movie later this evening. When I say later, I mean like 6 -ish. I have been a wee bit in love with Dave Foley since Kids in the Hall. When I was in highschool, my bestest friend and I watched and recorded every single episode, and she could act out every single skit word for word. My contribution was to laugh hysterically, and encourage her to continue. Even now, over a decade later, I beg her to recite the monologues she remembers. I am told that The Wrong Guy is hilarious and not to be missed. Well how could it not be?

And as it is Sunday, I will be heading up to the Market this afternoon to chill with my knitting peeps in the balcony and sip on some fantastic tea! Only wish you could be here, T!



~RaenWa~ said...

Your shawl is coming along nicely I am reading the book you are listening to it is hilarious everytime I laugh the bf looks at me odd I guess he is wondering what could be so funny about knitting if only he knew lol hope you enjoy ir